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            Pride and Confidence as a Pioneer

       As a member of Tsubakimoto Chain group, it is our mission
     to supply the chains, indexers, and conveyors that will meet
     our customer needs. In April 2012, our chain business was
     reorganized within the group to concentrate on Tsubaki branded
     Top Chains.

       With today's trend of energy and cost efficiency, plastic chains
     are more in demand for replacing conventional conveying methods
     not only in Japan but around the world. As a result, there are more
     tough applications, making it more and more important to provide
     solutions through the right products and the right engineering services.

       With this in mind, the Tsubaki Group has reorganized its
     business structure to pool its strengths and pursue maximum
     functionality and efficiency. Kuki Plant, as a production base,
     completed major renovations to increase its production capacity
     in March 2013. We would like to express our deep appreciation
     for our long term relationship, and ask for your continued support.

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